Top 10 Posts of the Year

  • Date:
  • December 30, 2020

2020 has certainly been a wild and unpredictable year. While that is obviously true in the wider world, it is also true in the Second Amendment context. This year saw the Supreme Court’s decision in the first argued Second Amendment case in a decade, and that decision gave no guidance on substance; the denial of cert in more than ten other cases that presented nearly all the open questions in the lower courts; the death of Justice Ginsburg and Justice Barrett’s selection to take her place; the election of a new president who has promised action on firearms; and a continuing robust public and academic debate over the place of guns in modern American life. We’ve discussed many of these issues on the blog this year as we’ve followed and contributed to these discussions. Looking back over that coverage, below are our top ten most read posts of the year (okay technically since May 2020 when we transitioned to a new platform).

  1. When Stand Your Ground Meets Blue Lives Matter
  2. The Supreme Court and the Current Public Carry Petitions: Open Splits and Concealed Vehicle Problems
  3. Bostock, Textualism and the Meaning of “Bear Arms”
  4. Justice Alito’s Second Amendment
  5. Amy Coney Barrett on Guns
  6. Why Heller Is Such Bad History
  7. Reading the Second Amendment SCOTUS Tea Leaves
  8. Constitutional Visions for the Arms Right
  9. A Court in Denial
  10. Benefits, Burdens, and Fundamental Rights: The Chief Justice in June Medical and Thoughts on the Second Amendment