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Assistant Professor of Law, SMU Dedman School of Law.  See profile: https://www.smu.edu/Law/Faculty/Profiles/Ruben-Eric

Written by Eric Ruben

The Distortion of Self-Defense and the Second Amendment in Missouri

Posted by on July 23, 2020

It’s become an all-too-familiar scenario: a gun owner becomes scared that a protester or mere passerby could endanger him and brandishes a gun. The gun owner then asserts that the rights to self-defense and to keep and bear arms protect him from a prosecution. This line of argument, which is playing out in the McCloskey […]

NYU Law Seminar: Regulation of Weaponry in a Democratic Society

Posted by on July 10, 2019

We taught a two-credit Second Amendment/Regulation of Weapons seminar at NYU School of Law in spring and fall 2019. We used the regulation of weapons as a powerful exemplar of the institutional structures and relationships that constitute the American system of government, including (1) the nature of American federalism and the constitutional relationship between national […]