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April 2023

Bloomington, IL, Division 3, Offenses Against Public Safety, Convenience and Health, §1, Firing Cannon, Guns, Fire-Crackers, etc. (1850-1876)*

Posted by on April 12, 2023

“Section 1. Firing Cannon, Guns, Fire-Crackers, etc.] Whoever shall fire or discharge any cannon, gun, pistol, revolver, or any firearm of any description, or shall fire, explode or set off any squib, fire-cracker, torpedo, or other thing containing powder, or other explosive material, without permission from the Mayor or City Council so to do, shall […]

Bloomington, IL – Licenses, Division 11, Shooting Galleries, §1-3 (1850-1876)*

Posted by on April 12, 2023

“Section 1. Shooting Galleries Licensed.] No person shall own, keep or run any shooting gallery or place for target shooting, without first obtaining a license therefor, under a penalty of twenty-five dollars for each offense. § 2. Rate of License.] The rate of license for shooting galleries and places for target shooting, shall be, for […]

Shooting, Trespassing, etc., in Cemeteries–Penalty, Bloomington, IL (1850-1876)*

Posted by on April 11, 2023

“§10. Whoever, within the City Cemetery, or any other cemetery or burying ground within said city, shall discharge any firearm, or be found hunting or trespassing upon the same, or shall trespass upon any grave within said city, or shall refuse to obey any lawful order of the City Sexton, or of any person having […]