1891 N.Y. Laws 129, 177, An Act to Revise the Charter of the City of Buffalo, ch. 105, tit. 7, ch. 2, ยง 209.

No person other than members of the police force, regularly elected constables, the sheriff of Erie county, and his duly appointed deputies, shall, in the city, carry concealed upon or about his person, any pistol or revolver, or other dangerous weapon or weapons, without first obtaining a permit, as hereinbefore provided; and such permit shall be produced and exhibited by any person holding the same, upon the request of a member of the police force. A violation of any of the provisions of this section shall be a misdemeanor and punishable as such; and all fines imposed and collected for such violations shall be deposited to the credit of said pension fund by the clerk of the court imposing the same.