Charles Stoers Hamilton, Charter and Ordinances of the City of New Haven, Together with Legislative Acts Affecting Said City Page 164, Image 167 (1890) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Good Order and Decency § 192. Every person who shall carry in said City, any steel or brass knuckles, pistol, or any slung shot, stiletto or weapon of similar character, or shall carry any weapon concealed on his person without permission of the Mayor or Superintendent of Police in writing, shall, on conviction, pay a penalty of not less than five, nor more than fifty dollars for every such offense.

Charter of the City of New Haven Page 142-143, Image 241-242 (1881) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Charter of the City of New Haven. Trade. § 18. No person shall sell to any child under the age of sixteen years, without the written consent of the parent or guardian of such child, any cartridge or fixed ammunition of which any fulminate is a component part, or any gun, pistol or other mechanical contrivance arranged for the explosion of cartridge, or of any fulminate.

1836 Conn. Acts 105, An Act Incorporating The Cities of Hartford, New Haven, New London, Norwich and Middletown, chap. 1, § 20.

. . . relative to prohibiting and regulating the bringing in, and conveying out, or storing of gunpowder in said cities . . . .

Charter and By-Laws of the City of New Haven, November, 1848 Page 48-49, Image 48-49 (1848) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

A By-Law Relative to the Storage and Sale of Gunpowder. Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of the city of New Haven, in Court of Common Council assembled, 1st. That hereafter no person or persons shall, within the limits hereafter described, either directly or indirectly, sell and deliver any gunpowder, or have, store, or keep any quantity of gunpowder greater than one pound weight, without having obtained a license for that purpose from said Court of Common Council, in the manner herein prescribed. Provided, that nothing in this by-law contained shall be construed to prevent any person or persons from having or keeping in his or their possession, a greater quantity of powder than one pound weight, during any military occasion or public celebration, while acting under any military commander, and in obedience to his orders, or under permission and authority therefor, first had and obtained of the Mayor or some one of the Aldermen of said city. Provided also, That any person or persons purchasing gunpowder, shall be allowed between the rising and setting of the sun, sufficient time to transport the same from any place without said limits, through said limits to any place without the same. 2d. The Court of Common Council aforesaid, shall have power, on application to them made, to grant and give any meet person or persons a license to sell gunpowder, and for that purpose to have, store, and keep gunpowder in quantity not exceeding at any one time seven pounds weight, and that well secured in a tin canister or canisters, and at such place or places within said limits and for such term of time, not exceeding one year, as said Court shall deem fit; which license shall be signed by the Clerk of said Court, and shall be in the form following, viz — Whereas the Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of the City of New Haven, in Court of Common Council convened, have approved of ___, as a suitable and proper person to keep, store, and sell gunpowder within the City of New Haven: We do therefore give license to said ____, to sell gunpowder at (describe the place) and for the purpose aforesaid, to have, keep, and store in said building any quantity of gunpowder not exceeding at any one time seven pounds weight, until the ___ day of ___. Dated, Signed per order, A.B., Clerk. For which license the person receiving the same shall pay the City Clerk twenty-five cents; and the same shall be by said Clerk recorded at full length. And before any license shall be given as aforesaid, the person or persons receiving the same shall pay to the Clerk aforementioned, for the use of said city, a sum after the rate of five dollars per annum. 3d. Before any shall proceed to sell or to store or keep gun-powder by virtue of any such license so given as aforesaid, such person shall put in a conspicuous place upon the front part of the building in which such powder is to be stored or sold, a sign, with the following words plainly and legibly inscribed thereon, viz., “Licensed to keep Powder,” and shall continue the same during the time he shall keep, store, or sell gunpowder in said building. 4th section repealed. 5th. That no person or persons shall put or receive or have any quantity of gunpowder on board of any steamboat, for transportation therein in any of the waters within the limits of said city. 6th. If any person shall sell, keep, or store any gunpowder within the limits aforesaid, contrary to the true intent and spirit of this by-law, or without complying with all the pre-requisites enjoined thereby; or if any person or persons shall put or receive, or have on board of any steamboat for transportation on any of the waters within the limits of said city, any quantity of gunpowder, such person or persons shall forfeit and pay the sum of thirty-four dollars, one half to him who shall give information, and the other half to the use of the city.