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An Act for Establishing the Militia in this State, ch. 36, § 4, 1793 Del. Laws 1134, 1136-37.

| | 1793

"SECT. 4. And be it further enacted, That in order that the militia may be properly armed, equipped and accoutred, every citizen enrolled, and notified of his enrolment in manner aforesaid, except as herei...

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An Act for Establishing a Militia in this Government (Delaware, 1756)

| | 1756

"And be it further enacted by the authority Aforesaid that no Captain or other Officer shall Appoint any place of Meeting for his Company (town Companys only Excepted) within the Distance of half a mile of any Inn or Tavern under the Penalty of Forty S...

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Report of the Board of Park Commissioners of Wilmington, Del., for the year ending December 31st, 1897, Park Regulations, at 28

| | 1897

No person shall carry firearms, shoot birds, or other animals, nor throw stones or other missiles, or in any way disturb or annoy the birds or animals within the boundaries of the Park. 

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The Charter of the City of Wilmington, Part VII, § 7, Rules and Regulations of the Board of Park Commissioners (1893)

| | 1893

7.  No person shall carry fire-arms or shoot birds or other animals within the Park, or throw stones or missiles therein. 

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Del. Const. of 1776, art. XXVIII

| | 1776

28. To prevent any violence or force being used at the said elections, no persons shall come armed to any of them; and no muster of the militia shall be made on that day, nor shall any battalion or company give in their votes immediately succeeding eac...

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Vol. 30 Del. Laws 55, 55-56 (1919)

| | 1919

Section 222. It shall be unlawful for any person or persons, or a member of any firm, or the agents or officers of any corporation to sell to a minor or any intoxicated person, any revolver, pistol, or revolver or pistol cartridges, stiletto, steel or ...

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Vol. 26 Del. Laws 28, 28- 29 (1911)

| | 1911

Section 1. That from and after the first day of June, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and eleven, it shall be unlawful for any person or persons, firm, company or corporation, to sell, or expose to sale, any pistol or revolver, or re...

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Act of Feb. 4, 1812, 195 Del. Laws 522 (1812)

| | 1812 An Act to prevent the discharging of fire-arms within the towns and villages, and other public places within this State, and for other purposes. SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware, in General Assem...

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An Act Prohibiting the Carrying of Gun While Training Dog or Dogs, ch. 225, §§ 1-2, 1931 Del. Laws 771, 771.

, | | 1931

AN ACT Prohibiting the Carrying of Gun While Training Dog or Dogs.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives' of the State of Delaware in General As...

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1931 Del. Laws 813, An Act Making it Unlawful for any Person or Persons Other than the State Milliary Forces or Duly Authorized Police Departments to have a Machine Gun in his or their Possesion, and Prescribing a Penalty for Same, ch. 249, § 1.

| | 1931

On and after the passage and approval of this Act it is and shall be unlawful for any person or persons other than the State Military Forces or duly authorized Police Departments to have a machine gun in his or their possession, within the State of Del...

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1913 Del. Laws 439, § 18.

| | 1913

No child under the age of fifteen years shall be employed, permitted or suffered to work . . . in or about establishments wherein nitroglycerine, dynamite, dualin, guncotton, gunpowder or other high or dangerous explosives are manufactured, compounded ...

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1911 Del. Laws 324, Of Fish, Oysters and Game, § 8.

| | 1911

That it shall be unlawful to shoot at or kill any birds or animals protected by the laws of this State with any device, swivel or punt gun, or with any gun other than such as is habitually raised at arm’s length and fired from the shoulder . . . ...

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1909 Del. Laws 577, House Joint Resolution Providing for Increase in Non-Resident Gunners License Fee, ch. 271.

, | | 1909

Whereas, there are numerous gunners from other States who make it a practice to gun in this State, and under existing laws a license fee of Five Dollars is collected from them. And Whereas, our neighboring States charge non-resident gunners a license f...

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1901 Del. Laws 387, § 17.

| | 1901

The alderman of said town, the Council of said town and the Town Constable shall have power and authority to suppress, extinguish and prevent all bonfires in any of the streets, lanes, alleys or squares of the said town and to suppress and prevent the ...

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1893 Del. Laws 410, For the Protection Of Fish, Oysters, and Game, chap. 422, § 16.

| | 1893

If any person or persons shall enter upon any lands, not owned by himself, with gun and dog, or with gun alone, for the purpose of shooting any kind of birds or game without first obtaining permission to do so by the owner or occupant, he shall forfeit...

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1893 Del. Laws 263, An Act for the Protection of Fish and Game In and on the Waters of the Delaware Bay and River, and The Streams, Tributary Thereto, Within the Limits of this State, ch. 216, § 1.

| | 1893

. . . That from and after the passage of this act, it shall not be lawful for any person or persons living and residing without the limits of this State, to come into or enter upon the waters of the Delaware bay and river . . . for the purpose, and wit...

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W.B. Hvland, Wilmington City Code. The Ordinances of the City of Wilmington, Delaware. Also, the Original Borough Charter, the Charter of the City of Wilmington, and the Acts of the Legislature, Now in Force Relating to the City Page 689, Image 689 (1885) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

| | 1885

[Wilmington] City Ordinances, § 2. For the purpose of supplying retailers of gunpowder within the City of Wilmington, it shall and may be lawful to introduce the same in kegs, containing not more than twenty-five pounds each, carefully enclosed in...

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1881 Del. Laws 987, An Act Providing for the Punishment of Persons Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons, ch. 548, § 1.

| | 1881

That if any person shall carry concealed a deadly weapon upon or about his person other than an ordinary pocket knife, or shall knowingly sell a deadly weapon to a minor other than an ordinary pocket knife, such person shall, upon conviction thereof, b...

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1871 Del. Law 138, § 17.

| | 1871

. . . it shall be the duty of the said commissioners, bailiff or justice of the peace, to suppress, extinguish and prevent all bonfires in the town, or in any of the streets, lanes or alleys of the said town, and to suppress or prevent the firing of gu...

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