Charter of the City of Portland, Street and Fire Department Laws, Ordinances, Regulations &C. Page 205-206, Image 206-207 (1872) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

[Concerning Offences and Disorderly Conduct, § 2. That any person or persons who shall fire any pistol, gun or rifle, or any other species of fire-arms within the following limits: the Willamette river on the east and (10) Tenth Street on the west, Caruther’s Addition on the south nd F Street on Couch’s Addition on the north, shall on conviction thereof before the Recorder, be subject to a penalty of not less than five nor more than fifty dollars, or imprisonment, at the discretion of the Recorder, not exceeding twenty days. Provided that the Marshal shall permit upon the national holidays and other days of public celebration, any appropriate display of fire-arms and other instruments named in this section.]

Matthew Paul Deady, The Organic and Other General Laws of Oregon Together with the National Constitution and Other Public Acts and Statutes of the United States. 1845-1864 Page 531, Image 531 (1866) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

Crimes – Against the Person, § 527. If any person shall assault, or assault and beat another with a cowhide, whip, stick or like thing, having at the time in his possession a pistol, dirk or other deadly weapon, with intent to intimidate and prevent such other from resisting or defending himself, such person upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not less than one, nor more than ten years.

1862 Or. Laws 9, An Act to Incorporate the City of Albany, § 6.

[To] regulate the storage of gun powder and other combustible materials, and the use of candles, lamps and other lights in shops, stables and other places[.]

1853 Or. Laws 257, An Act to Prohibit the Sale of Arms and Ammunition to Indians, § 1.

[I]f any white citizen, or other person than an Indian, shall sell, barter, or give to any Indian in this territory any gun, rifle, pistol or other kind of firearms, any powder, lead, percussion caps or other ammunition whatever, any person so offending shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not more than six months, nor less than one month, and by fine not exceeding five hundred nor less than one hundred dollars.

1853 Or. Laws 220, Proceedings to Prevent Commission of Crimes, ch. 16, §17.

If any person shall go armed with dirk, dagger, sword, pistol, or other offensive and dangerous weapon, without reasonable cause to fear an assault, injury, or other violence to his person, or to his family or property, he may, on complaint of any other person, having reasonable cause to fear an injury, or breach of the peace, be required to find sureties for keeping the peace for a term not exceeding six months, with the right of appealing as before provided.