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1642 Va. Acts 255, Acts of March 2nd, 1642, Act XXIII, available at https://archive.org/details/statutesatlargeb01virg

Be it also enacted and confirmed, that what person or persons soever shall sell or barter with any Indian or Indians for piece, powder and shot and being thereof lawfully convicted, shall forfeit his whole estate . . . and if any person shall barter or trade with the Indians for any other commodities such person shall suffer imprisonment at the discretion of the Governor and Counsel. . . What person or persons soever within the colony, shall lend any Indian either piece, powder and shot, it shall be lawful for any person meeting with any such Indian so furnished, to take away either piece, powder or shot, so as such person taking away . . . the party delinquent for his just offence shall forfeit two thousand pounds of tobacco . . .