1746 Mass. Acts 208, An Act to Prevent the Firing of Guns Charged with Shot or Ball in the Town of Boston, chap. 11, §§ 1 to 3

  • Year:
  • 1746

§ 1. That no person or persons, from and after the publication of this act, shall presume to discharge or fire off any cannon laden with shot, from any wharf or vessel . . . (within certain areas) § 2. That no person shall . . . discharge any gun or pistol, charged with shot or ball, in the town of Boston, or in any part of the Harbor . . . And for the more effectual conviction of any person or persons so offending, it shall be lawful for any person to seize and take into custody any gun so fired off, and deliver the same . . . § 3 this law shall not be construed or understood as to prevent soldiers in their common training days from discharging arms. (reenacted frequently)