1750-1756 N.J. Laws 444, An Act Regulating Taverns, Ordinaries, Inn Keepers and Retailers of Strong Liquors, ch. 112, § 4.

  • Year:
  • 1750

That if any Negro or Mulatto Slave or Slaves shall be seen or found from his or their Masters [sic] House, after the Hour of Nine at Night except on their Masters [sic] or Mistresses [sic] particular Business, or shall be seen to hunt, or carrying a Gun on the Lord’s Day; the Constable or Constables of such Town or Precinct, on Information or Knowledge thereof, shall and are hereby required and directed, to apprehend and carry such Negro and Mulatto Slaves before the next Justice of the Peace, who shall order such Negro or Mulatto Slave or Slaves, if found Guilty, to be whipped as by the preceding Clause of this Act is directed. Provided always, That nothing herein contained, shall be construed or taken, to prevent any Negro or Mulatto Slave from going to Church or Meeting, and attending on Divine Service or from Burying their Dead, with their Masters [sic] or Mistresses [sic] Consent.