1778 Pa. Laws 123, An act for the further security of the government, ch. LXI, §§ 1–3, 5, 10

Section I. Whereas the welfare and happiness of the good people of this commonwealth, do, next under God, entirely depend upon the maintaining and supporting the independence and sovereignty of the state, as declared by congress Sect. 2. Be it therefore enacted . . . That all male white inhabitants of this state above the age of eighteen years, who have not hiterhto taken the oath or affirmation mentioned and appointed to be taken in the act of assembly . . . shall, on or before the first day of June next, take and subscribe the same in manner and form as by the said act is directed; and that every such person neglecting to take the said oath or affirmation, shall, during the time of such neglect, be liable to all the disabilities, incapacities and penalties to which to which they are subjected by the said act; and also shall be disabled, from and after the said day, to sue or use any action, bill, plaint or information, in course of law, or to prosecute any suit in equity or otherwise howsoever, or to be gaurdian of the person or estate of any child, or executor or administrator of any person, or capabale of any legacy or deed of gift, or to make any will or testament, and moreover shall be liable and compelled to pay double the taxes, which another person of equal estate, who has taken such oath or affirmation, shall be rated or assessed at . . . Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, that all trustees, provosts, rectors, professors, masters and tutors of any college or academy, and all schoolmasters and ushers; merchants and traders; and every person who shall act as serjeant at law, counsellor at law, barrister, advocate, attorney, solicitor, proctor, clerk or notary, by practicing in any manner as such in any court or courts whatsoever; apothecary or druggist, and very person practicing physic or surgery in any manner for fee or reward; who shall at any time after the first day of June next, be admitted into or enter upon any of the beforementioned preferments, offices or places, or shall come into any such capacity, or shall take upon him or them any such practice, employment, or business as aforesaid, without having first taken and subscribed the beforementioned oath or affirmation, he or they shall be ipso facto adjudged incapable an disabled in law, to all intents and purposes whatsoever, to have, occupy or enjoy the said preferment or preferments, office or offices, employment or employments, or any part of them, or any matter or thing aforesaid, or any profit or advantage appertaining to them, or any of them; and every such office or place of trust shall be void, and is hereby adjudged void . . . Sect. 5. And be it further enacted, That every such person who shall refuse or neglect to take the oath or affirmation before mentioned on or before the said first day of June next, and shall refuse or neglect to deliver up his arms to the lieutenant, or one of the sublieutenants, of the city or county where he inhabits, on or before the tenth day of June next, or who shall, from and after the same day last mentioned, carry any arms about his person or keep any arms or ammunition in his house or elsewhere, shall forfeit the said arms and ammunition to the state . . . Sect. 10 And be it further enacted, That the act, intitled "an Act obliging the male white inhabitants of this state to give assurances of allegiance to the same, and for other purposes therein mentioned," enacted the thirteenth day of June last, and the supplement thereto, enacted the twelfth day of Octobor last, and every clause, matter and thing therein contained, except for such parts thereof as are by this act altered, amended or supplied, shall be and remain in full force and effect; any thing herein contained to the contrary nothwithstanding.