1779 Pa. Laws 184-85, An Act for the Suppression of Vice and Immorality, § 13.

  • Year:
  • 1779

That if any person within this commonwealth shall challenge the person of another to fight at sword, pistol, rapier or other dangerous weapon, such person so challenging shall forfeit and pay for every such offense (being lawfully convicted by the testimony of one or more credible witnesses, or by the confession of the party offending,) the sum of five hundred pounds, or suffer twelve months imprisonment without bail or mainprise, and the person accepting such challenge shall in like manner forfeit and pay the like sum of five hundred pounds, or suffer the like imprisonment; and moreover the said challenger, and challenged (when he accepts) shall be disabled ever after from holding any office of profit or honor within this state. And if any person or persons shall willingly and knowingly carry and deliver any written challenge or verbally deliver any message meant as a challenge, and shall thereof be legally convicted as above, he or they so offending, shall for every such offense forfeit and pay the sum of five hundred pounds, or suffer twelve months imprisonment, and be disabled as in the case of giving or receiving challenges.