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1804 Miss. Laws 90-91, An Act Respecting Slaves, § 4.



[Slaves not to carry offensive or defensive weapons]. [N]o Slave shall keep or carry any gun, powder, shot, club or other weapon whatsoever offensive or defensive, except tools given him to work with, or that he is ordered by his master, mistress or overseer to carry the said articles from one place to another, but all, and every gun, weapon or ammunition found in the possession or custody of any slave, may be seized by any person, and upondue proof thereof made before any justice of the peace of the county or corporation, where such seizure shall be made, by his order, be forfeited to the seizer for his own use; and moreover, every such offender shall have and receive by order of such justice, any number of lashes not exceeding thirty nine, on his bare back for every such offence: Provided nevertheless, That any justice of the peace may grant, in his proper county, permission in writing, to any slave, on application of his master, or overseer to carry and use a gun and ammunition within the limits of his said master’s or owner’s plantation, for a term not exceeding one year, and recoverable, at any time within such term, at the discretion of said justice.