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1821 Me. Laws 285, ch. 76, § 1.





Be it enacted by the Senate, and House of Representatives, in Legislature assembled, That it shall be within the power, and be the duty of every Justice of the Peace within this county, to punish by fine not exceeding five dollars, all assaults and batteries that are not of a high and aggravated nature, and to examine into all homicides, murders, treasons, and felonies done and committed in this county, and commit to prison all persons guilty, or suspected to be guilty of manslaughter, murder, treason or other capital offence; and to cause to be staid and arrested, all affrayers, rioters, disturbers or breakers of the peace, and such as shall ride or go armed offensively, to the fear or terror of the good citizens of this State, or such others as may utter any menaces or threatening speeches; and upon view of such Justice, confession of the delinquent or other legal conviction of any such offence, shall require of the offender to fund sureties to appear and answer for his offence, at the Supreme Judicial Court, or Circuit Court of Common Pleas, next to be held within or for the same county at the discretion of the Justice, and as the nature or circumstances of the case may require;