1823 N.H. Laws 73-74, An Act to Establish a System of Police in the Town of Portsmouth, and for Other Purposes, ch. 34, § 4.

  • Year:
  • 1823

That if any person or persons shall within the compact part of the town of Portsmouth, that is to say, within one mile of the courthouse, fire or discharge any cannon, gun, pistol or other fire arms, or beat any drum, (except by command of a military officer, having authority therefor) or fire or discharge any rockets, squibs, crackers, or any preparation of gunpowder, (except by the permission of the police officers, or of a major part of them first had in writing) . . . every such person, for every such act shall be taken and deemed to be an offender against the police of Portsmouth, and shall be liable to the penalties hereinafter expressed.