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1832 Conn. Acts 391, An Act Regulating the Mode Of Keeping Of Gunpowder, Chap. 25, § 1-2.




§ 1 . . . [I]t shall be lawful for the select-men of each and every town within this State, or a majority of them, by their order, in writing, directed to the owners or persons having charge of the same, to cause to be removed to some safe and convenient place within said town, and within such time, as in said order may be prescribed, and quantity of gunpowder so deposited or kept, within the limits of said town, as in the opinion of said select-men, or a majority of them, may endanger the persons or dwellings of any individuals whatsoever. Whereupon it shall become the duty of the persons thus notified, to remove the said gunpowder within the time, and to the place specified in said order. § 2. That in case the said gun powder shall not be removed pursuant to said order, as is hereinbefore prescribed the said select-men, or a majority of them, may remove or cause the same to be removed to such place within said town, as in their opinion shall be deemed safe and convenient. And they shall have and retain a lien upon the said powder for all necessary expenses in removing and keeping the same.