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1834 Mo. Laws 536-37, An Act to Organize Govern and Discipline the Militia, ch. 423, art. 11, pt. 5.




Every non-commissioned officer and private, appearing without being armed and equipped as the law directs, at any parade or rendezvous, shall be sentenced to pay the following fines, namely: For want of a sufficient sword and belt, if belonging to the artillery or light artillery, and for want of a sufficient musket with a steel rod, or rifle, if belonging to a company of light infantry, grenadiers, riflemen or infantry, one dollar; for want of a sufficient bayonet and belt, fifty cents; for want of a pouch with a box therein, sufficient to contain twenty four cartridges suited to the bore of his musket, twenty-five cents; and whenever ordered by the commander in chief or the commandant of the division, brigade, regiment or extra battalion, so equipped as on parade; for want of two spare flints and a knapsack, twenty four cartridges, shot pouch, powder horn, twenty balls, and a quarter of a pound of powder, twenty-five cents each, but the whole number of spare flints, cartridges and balls, shall be considered each as only one deficiency, provided that no person be fined for not appearing on parade with a gun, who does not own one[.]