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1838 Iowa Acts 449, An Act to Prevent Disasters on Steam Boats, Navigating the Waters Within the Jurisdiction of the Territory of Iowa, §§ 11-12.




§ 11. It shall be the duty of the master, and officers, of any steam boat carrying gunpowder, as freight, to store the same in the safest part of the vessel, and separate and apart from articles liable to spontaneous combustion, and where, in discharging the cargo, it will not be necessary to carry any lighted lamp, torch, or candle, and the master and officers failing to comply with the provisions of this section, shall forfeit one hundred dollars each . . . . § 12. It shall not be lawful for any person, or persons, to put, or keep any gun powder on any steam boat, without first giving the master, or officers, notice thereof, and any person, or persons, so offending, shall be liable to pay the sum of one hundred dollars . . . .