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1859 Conn. Acts 62, An Act in Addition to and in Alteration of “An Act For Forming And Conducting The Military Force,” chap. 82, § 5.



If any booth shed, tent, or other temporary erection, within one mile of any military parade-ground, muster-field or encampment, shall be used and occupied for the sale of spirituous or intoxicating liquor, or for the purpose of gambling, the officer commanding said parade-ground, muster-field or encampment, the sheriff or deputy-sheriff of the county, or any justice of the peace, selectman, or constable of the town in which such booth, shed, tent, or other temporary erection is situated, upon having notice or knowledge that the same is not used or occupied, shall notify the owner or occupant thereof to vacate and close the same immediately; and if said owner or occupant shall refuse or neglect so to do said commanding officer . . . may forthwith abate such booth . . . as a nuisance, and may pull down or otherwise destroy the same, with the assistance of any force, civil or military.