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1895 Neb. Laws 237-38, Laws of Nebraska Relating to the City of Lincoln, An Ordinance Regulating and Prohibiting the Use of Fire-arms, Fire-works and Cannon in the City of Lincoln . . . Prescribing Penalties for Violation of the Provisions of This Ordinance, and Repealing Ordinances in Conflict Herewith, Art. XXVI, §§ 2, 5.

§ 2. No person shall sell, loan, or furnish, to any minor, any gun, fowling-piece, or other fire-arm, within the limits of the city, under penalty of a fine of fifty dollars for each offense. § 5. It shall be unlawful for any parent, guardian, or other person having the care and custody of any minor, to purchase for or give to any such minor or knowingly to permit any minor to have any toy pistol, toy gun, or other toy arm or arms, or sling shot, out of which any leaden or other dangerous missiles may be discharged. Any such person so offending shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined in any amount not exceeding twenty dollars, and stand committed until such fine and costs are paid and secured.