1901 Mich. Pub. Acts 336, An Act to Revise and Amend the Laws for the Protection of Game and Birds, § 11.

  • Year:
  • 1901

No person shall injure, kill or destroy by any means whatever, any kind of wild duck, wild goose, brant, snipe, plover, or any kind of wild water fowl, save only from the first day of October to the thirtieth day of November following thereafter, both inclusive, and then only from one-half hour before sunrise until one hour after sunset of each day. No person or persons shall hunt, pursue, worry or kill any wild water fowl by any means whatever during such time as said person or persons are upon any floating device or contrivance propelled by or using as motive power steam, gas, naptha, oil, gasoline or electricity; nor shall any person or persons make use of any swivel or punt gun for the killing of any water fowl, or make use of any battery, sink boat or similar device whatever, save only a gun of not greater size than ten caliber, such gun to be held in the hands at the time firing[.]