1901 Neb. Laws 141, An Act, to Incorporate Cities of the First Class Having a Population of More Than Forty Thousand (40,000) and Less Than One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Inhabitants . . . , ch. 16, § 129, pt. 55.

  • Year:
  • 1901

Disorderly Assemblies – Concealed Weapons, Combustibles. – To prohibit riots, routs, noise, or disorderly assemblies; to prevent use of fire arms, rockets, powder, fire works, or other dangerous and combustible material; carrying of concealed weapons; to arrest, punish, fine or set at work on streets or elsewhere vagrants and persons found without visible means of support, or legitimate business; to regulate and prevent the transportation of gun powder or combustible articles, tar, pitch, rosin, coal, oil, benzine [sic], turpentine, hemp, cotton, nitroglycerine, dynamite, petroleum or its products, or other explosives or inflammables; use of lights in stables, shops or other places, building of bonfires[.]