Act of Jan. 24, 1901, ch. 144, § 18, W.Va. Acts 314, 320-21.

  • Year:
  • 1901

Powers and Duties of the Council.

18. The council of said city shall have power there-in to lay off, vacate, close, open, alter, curb, pave, and keep in good repair, roads, streets, alleys, sidewalks, cross-walks, drains and gutters, for the use of the inhabitants thereof, and of the public, and to improve and light the same…

…to protect places of divine worship, and to preserve order in and about the places where held; to regulate the keeping of gun powder and other inflammable or dangerous substances; to provide in or near the city places of burial of the dead, and to regulate the interment therein…”

1901, WV, Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia, ch. 144

Acts of the Legislature of West Virginia at Its Twenty-Fifth Regular Session Commencing January 9th, 1901, Reprinted 1905 (Charleston, WV: Moses W. Donnally, 1905), 320-321. Chapter 144—An Act to Create the Municipal Corporatiion[sic] of “The City of Morgantown” in the County of Monongalia, to Grant a Charter Thereto, and to Annul the Charter of the Town of Morgantown, the Town of South Morgantown, the Town of Greenmont, and the Town of Seneca, § 18—Powers and Duties of the Council. Passed January 24, 1901.