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1909 Pa. Laws 466, An Act to give additional protection to wild birds and animals. . .prohibiting the hunting for or capture or killing of, such wild birds or animals or game by unnaturalized foreign-born residents; forbidding the ownership or possession of shotgun or rifle by any unnaturalized foreign-born resident, §1

§ 1. Be it enacted that from and after the passage of this act, it shall be unlawful for any unnaturalized foreign born resident to hunt for or capture or kill, in this Commonwealth, any wild bird or animal, either game or otherwise, of any description excepting in defense of person or property; and to that end it shall be unlawful for any unnaturalized foreign born resident, within this Commonwealth, to either own or be possessed of a shotgun or rifle of any make. Each and every person violating any provision of this section shall, upon conviction thereof, be sentenced to pay a penalty of twenty-five dollars for each offense, or undergo imprisonment in the common jail of the county for the period of one day for each dollar of penalty imposed: Provided, That in addition to the to the before-named penalty, all guns of the before-mentioned kinds found in possession or under control of an unnaturalized foreign born resident shall, upon conviction of such person, or upon his signing a declaration of guilt as prescribed by this act, be declared forfeited to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and shall be sold by the Board of Game Commissioners as hereinafter directed.