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1909 S.D. Sess. Laws 450, An Act for the Preservation, Propagation, Protection, Taking, Use and Transportation of Game and Fish and Establishing the Office of State Game Warden and Defining His Duties, ch. 240, §§ 21-22.





§ 21. No person shall at any time catch, take or kill any of the birds or animals mentioned in this chapter in any other manner than by shooting them with a gun held to the shoulder of the person discharging the same. § 22. No person shall at any time set, lay or prepare or have in possession, any trap, snare, artificial light, net, bird line, swivel gun or set gun or any contrivance whatever for the purpose of catching, taking or killing any of the same animals or birds in this chapter mentioned, except that decoys and stationary blinds may be used in hunting wild geese, brant and ducks. The use of rifles in the hunting of said birds is prohibited.