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1909 W.Va. Acts 479-80, An Act to Amend and Re-Enact Sections . . . Relating to the Protection and Preservation of Certain Animals, Birds, and Fishes and of Forests and Streams, ch. 60, § 19.





The carrying of any uncased gun in any of the fields or woods of this state, by any person not having the lawful right to hunt, pursue or kill game, birds or animals in such fields or woods shall, as to such person, other than the bona fide owner, or owners of such fields or woods, his or their child or children, tenant or tenants, lessee or lessees, be deemed prima facie evidence of a violation of this section; and any person claiming to hold a license to hunt in this state, having in his possession any gun or other hunting paraphernalia in such woods, or fields, shall, on failure to produce such license for inspection to any warden of this state or owner or agent of the owner of such woods and fields on demand, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished on conviction, as provided later in this section. Provided, however, that any resident owner, or owners, of farm lands, their resident child or children, or bona fide tenants, shall have the right to hunt, kill and pursue birds or game on such farm lands of which he, or they, are the bona fide owners or tenants, during the season when it is lawful to kill, catch or pursue birds or game, without securing such resident license; and provided, further, that the owners of adjoining lands may each have the privilege of reciprocating the non-licensed privilege, by giving each other written privilege to exchange hunting rights only, on land immediately joining each other, and upon which each party resides.