1913 Minn. Laws 55, An Act to Prevent the Sale, Offering or Exposing for Sale or Having in Possession for the Use or for Purpose of Sale within this State, of Silencer for Shot-gun, Revolver, Rifle or Other Firearm, Defining a Silencer and Providing Penalties for Violation, ch. 64, §§ 1-4.

  • Year:
  • 1913

§ 1. Use of silencers prohibited. No person shall within the state of Minnesota sell or offer or expose for sale, or have in possession for use upon or in connection with any rifle, shot-gun, revolver, or other firearm or have in possession for purposes of sale any silencer for a shotgun, revolver, rifle or other fire-arm. § 2. Possession prima facie evidence. In any prosecution hereunder proof of the having such silencer in possession by any person shall constitute prima facie evidence that same was had in possession of such person for use contrary to the provisions of this act. § 3. Construction of word “silencer.” A silencer within the meaning of this act is defined as a mechanical device or construction or instrument designed or intended to be temporarily or permanently attached to or used in connection with any shotgun, revolver, rifle or other fire-arm for the purpose of lessening or reducing the volume of sound caused by the discharge of or by the firing of such gun, rifle, revolver or other fire-arm. §4. Violation a misdemeanor. Any person violating any of the provisions of ths act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.