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1913 N.H. Laws 639, An Act to Regulate the Transportation of Dynamite, Gunpowder and Explosives, ch. 128, § 1.

It shall be unlawful to transport, carry, or convey from one place in this state to another place in this state, any dynamite, gunpowder, or other explosive on any vessel or vehicle of any description operated by a common carrier, which vessel or vehicle is carrying passengers for hire: Provided, that it shall be lawful to transport on any such vessel or vehicle small arms ammunition in any quantity, and such fuses, torpedoes, rockets, or other signal devices, as may be essential to promote safety in operation; and properly packed and marked samples of explosives for laboratory examination, not exceeding a net weight of one-half pound each, and not exceeding twenty samples at one time in a single vessel or vehicle; but such samples shall not be carried in that part of a vessel or vehicle which is intended for transportation of passengers for hire: Provided further, that nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the transportation of military or naval forces with their accompanying munitions of war on passenger equipment vessels or vehicles.