1913 Wyo. Sess. Laws 165, An Act . . . Relating to the Duties of the State Game Warden, Assistant and Deputy Game Wardens, and the Preservation of the Game Animals and Game Birds and Fish of the State of Wyoming . . . , ch. 121, § 38.

That Section 20 . . . be . . . amended . . . § 20. Any person who is not a bona fide elector of this state, or the child or legal ward of a bona fide elector of this state, or a soldier or sailor who is a bona fide elector of the United States, and has been stationed at a government post within this state for one year past, or non-residents having property in this state on which they pay taxes to the amount of $100.00 or over annually, but who shall be a citizen of the United States or a free-holder in this state, shall upon payment of five dollars to any Justice of the Peace . . . be entitled to receive from such officer a gunner’s license, which license shall permit such person to kill any of the game birds of this state during the current season under the restrictions heretofore and hereinafter imposed.