1917 Cal. Sess. Laws 221-225, An act relating to and regulating the carrying, possession, sale or other disposition of firearms capable of being concealed upon the person; prohibiting the possession, carrying, manufacturing and sale of certain other dangerous weapons and the giving, transferring and disposition thereof to other persons within this state; providing for the registering of the sales of firearms; prohibiting the carrying or possession of concealed weapons in municipal corporations; providing for the destruction of certain dangerous weapons as nuisances and making it a felony to use or attempt to use certain dangerous weapons against another, § 6.

  • Year:
  • 1917

SEC 6. It shall be lawful for the board of police commissioners, chief of police, city marshal, town marshal, or other head of the police department of any city, city and county, town, or other municipal corporation of this state, upon proof before said board, chief, marshal or head, that the person applying therefor is of good moral character, and that good cause exists for the issuance thereof, to issue to such person a license to carry concealed a pistol, revolver or other fire-arm; provided, however, that the application to carry concealed such firearm shall be filed in writing and shall state the name and residence of the applicant, the nature of applicant's occupation, the business address of applicant, the nature of the weapon sought to be carried and the reason for the filing of the application to carry the same.