1917 N.H. Laws 728-29, An Act for the Regulation of the Sale and Use of Explosives and Firearms, ch. 185, § 6.

No person not a citizen of the United States or one who has legally declared his intention of becoming such a citizen shall have in his possession any firearm or firearms of whatsoever kind or description unless he has a written permit to have such possession issued and signed as hereinafter provided. Any such person desiring to possess a firearm or firearms for any lawful purpose shall first make written application to the chief of police or selectmen of the town wherein he resides . . . stating the purposes for which the possession of the firearm or firearms is desired and a description of the firearm or firearms. The applicant shall also state his full name, occupation, place of residence and if in a city the street and number. If such chief of police or selectmen or county commissioners are satisfied that the applicant intends to use the firearm or firearms in a lawful manner and as set forth in his application, a permit shall be issued, signed by the chief of police of the city, a selectmen of the town, or county commissioners, as the case may be, giving to the applicant the right to have in his possession such firearm or firearms. The holder of any such permit shall keep the permit on his person at all times when he is in possession of the firearm or firearms as authority for such possession and shall exhibit the same when so requested by any person.