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1919 N.C. Sess. Laws 397-99, Pub. Laws, An Act to Regulate the Sale of Concealed Weapons in North Carolina, ch. 197, §§1, 5.




§ 1. That it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation in this State to sell, give away or dispose of, or to purchase or receive, at any place within the State from any other place within or without the State, without a license or permit therefor shall have first been obtained by such purchaser or receiver form the clerk of the Superior Court of the county in which such purchase, sale, or transfer is intended to be made, any pistol, so-called pump-gun, bowie knife, dirk, dagger or metallic knucksn[sic]. . . § 5. That each and every dealer in pistols, pistol cartridges and other weapons mentioned in section one of this act shall keep and accurate record of all sales thereof, including the name, place of residence, date of sale, etc., of each person, firm, or corporation, to whom or which any and all such sales are made, which said record shall be open to the inspection of any duly constituted State, county or police officer, within this State.