1927 Ind. Acts 53-54, Crimes—Burglary with Explosives, Electricity or Gas—Punishment, ch. 19, § 1.

  • Year:
  • 1927

Be it enacted by the general assembly of the State of Indiana, That any person who, with intent to commit a felony, breaks into and enters, either by day or night, any building, whether inhabited or not, and opens or attempts to open any vault, safe or other secure place by the use of nitroglycerin, dynamite, gunpowder or any other explosive, or by the use of electricity as a motive or burning or melting power or agency, or in any form, or by any electrical means whatsoever, or by the use of oxycetyline gas, or by any gas in any form whatsoever, shall be deemed guilty of burglary with explosives, electricity or gas, as the case may be and on conviction thereof shall be imprisoned for not less than ten years.