Ch. 12548—(no. 713), § 19, nos. 13-18, 1927 Fla. Laws, Special Acts 206, 211-213 (sine nomine 1927).

Be It Enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida…

    …Sec. 19.—Ordinances against crime, misconduct and nuisances.—The City Council shall have the power to pass ordinances on the following subjects, as it deems necessary, to-wit…

    …(13) To regulate or prohibit the sale, or use, of firecrackers, and all other fireworks.
    (14) To prohibit or regulate the sale, or use, of toy pistols, air guns and slungshots.
    (15) To prohibit or regulate the sale of firearms, cartridges, gun shells or other ammunition[1] or firearms.
    (16) To regulate the carrying of firearms.

    (17) To prohibit and regulate the discharge of firearms, or other explosives.
    (18) To prohibit and regulate the carrying of dirks, metal knucks or other dangerous weapons, not classed as firearms.”


[1] Spelled “amunition” in original.

Special Acts Adopted by the Legislature of Florida at its Twenty-first Regular Session, April 5, to June 3, 1927, Under the Constitution of A. D. 1885, vol. 2 (s.l.: s.n., 1927), 211-13. Chapter 12548—(No. 713), An Act to Abolish the Present Municipality of Blounston, in Calhoun County, Florida, and to Establish, Organize and Incorporate a Municipality to Be Known as the City of Blountstown, in Lieu Thereof; to Designate the Territory Embraced within the City of Blountstown, and to Provide for Its Jurisdiction, Powers and Privileges, § 19, nos. 13-18. Approved June 6, 1927.