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JERSEY CITY, N.J., REV. ORDINANCES ch. 21, §§ 1-5 (1899).






Concerning the Carrying of Dangerous Weapons.[1]

    SEC. 1. With the exceptions made in the second section of this ordinance,[2] no person shall, within the limits of Jersey City, carry, have, or keep on his, or her person concealed, any slung-shot, sand-club, metal-knuckles, dirk or dagger not contained as a blade of a pocket knife, loaded pistol or other dangerous weapon.
    SEC. 2. Policemen of Jersey City, when engaged in the performance of police duty, the sheriff and the constables of the County of Hudson, and persons having permits, as hereinafter provided for, shall be, and are excepted from the prohibitions of the first section of this ordinance.2
    Sec. 3. The Municipal Court of Jersey City may grant permits to carry any of the weapons named in the first section to such persons as should, from the nature of their profession, business or occupation, or from peculiar circumstances, be allowed so to do; and may in granting such permits, impose such conditions and restrictions in each case as to the court shall seem proper. All applications for permits shall be made in open court, by the applicant in person, and in all cases the court shall require a written endorsement of the propriety of granting a permit from at least three reputable freeholders; nor shall any such permit be granted to any person until the court is satisfied that such person is temperate, of adult age, and capable of exercising self-control. Permits shall not be granted for a period longer than one year, and shall be sealed with the seal of the court. The possession of a permit shall not operate as an excuse unless the terms of the same are strictly complied with. In cases of emergency, permits may be granted by a single Justice of the Municipal Court, or by the Chief of Police, to be in force not longer than thirty days, but such permit shall not be renewable.2
    SEC. 4. No person shall, within the limits of Jersey City, carry any air-gun or sword cane.2
    SEC. 5. The penalty for a violation of this ordinance shall be a fine not exceeding fifty dollars, or imprisonment in the city prison not exceeding ten days, or both fine and imprisonment not exceeding the aforesaid amount and time, in the discretion of the court.

[1] NOTE.—The general provisions of the above chapter were adopted by an ordinance approved November 20, 1868. Re-enacted July 21, 1871, and again re-enacted, and added to by an ordinance approval June 20, 1873.

[2] Amended as above by an ordinance approved June 20, 1873.”

1873, Jersey City, NJ, Concerning the Carrying of Dangerous Weapons, §§ 1-5

Howard C. Griffiths, Revised Ordinances of Jersey City, (Compiled and Revised Under an Act Entitled “An Act to Provide for the Compilation and Revision of Ordinances in Cities of this State”–Being Chapter 183, Laws of 1897), As Amended up to July 1, 1899 (With Appendix) (Jersey City, NJ: Datz, 1899), 121. Ch. 21 Concerning the Carrying of Dangerous Weapons, §§ 1-5. Most recently updated June 20, 1873.