A Copy of the Laws of Harvard College, 1655, at 10

  • Year:
  • 1655

Thirdly concerneing penall lawes. . . .

8. No undergraduate shall buy, sell, barter, or exchange books, apparrell or any thing of considerable value ; but by the leave of the President or his Tutor, Guardian or Parent, or If he shall sell or pawne any thing to any scholler, the President shall make the bargaine and admoni[sh] [the] student noe students shall be suffered to have [a g]un in his or theire chambers or studies, or keepeing for theire use any where else in the town, or If they be found to have such by the President or Theire Tutors, then they shall be admonished by the President or theire Tutors to put it away : which If they shall refuse to doe, the President shall have power to take it quite away from them, and If they resist the President herein, they shall upon due proofe be expelled out of the Colledge by the advise of the Colledge overseers : the same penalty is appointed to any student that shall make resistance against or offer violence unto the President or fellows.

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