A Digest of Acts of Assembly, Relating to the Incorporated District of the Northern Liberties; and of the Ordinances for the Government of the District Page 101-102, Image 101-102 (1847) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1847

Ordinances of the Northern Liberties, Act of March 16, 1847. Whereas an article called gun cotton, with properties of ignition and explosion similar to those of gunpowder, and equally if not more dangerous in towns and cities, has been introduced. Therefore, § 1. That no gun-cotton shall be introduced in Philadelphia, nor placed in storage therein, in greater bulk or quantity in any one place, than is permitted by existing laws, with regard to gunpowder; and that all the fines, penalties and forfeitures imposed by an act entitled “An act for securing the city of Philadelphia, and the neighborhood thereof, from damage by gunpowder,” passed on the twenty-eighth day of March, seventeen hundred and eighty seven, and a supplement thereto, passed on the fourteenth day of March, eighteeen hundred and eighteen, shall apply and be extended to gun-cotton in the same manner, and with the same effect, as if the word gun-cotton were inserted in the said act.