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A Digest of the Laws of the State of Georgia. From Its First Establishment as a British Province down to the Year 1798, Inclusive, and the Principal Acts of 1799: In Which is Comprehended the Declaration of Independence; the State Constitutions of 1777 and 1789, with the Alterations and Amendments in 1794. Also the Constitution of 1798 Page 157, Image 164 (1800) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.



Laws of Georgia, An Act for the Better Security of the Inhabitants, by Obliging the Male White Persons to Carry Fire Arms to Places of Public Worship. Whereas it is necessary for the security and defence of this province from internal dangers and insurrections, that all persons resorting to places of public worship shall be obliged to carry fire arms: 1. Be it enacted, That immediately from and after the passing of this act, every male white inhabitant of this province, (the inhabitants of the sea port towns only excepted, who shall not be obliged to carry any other than side arms) who is or shall be liable to bear arms in the militia, either at common musters or times of alarm, and resorting, on any Sunday or other times, to any church, or other place of divine worship within the parish where such person shall reside, shall carry with him a gun, or a pair of pistols, in good order and fit for service, with at least six charges of gun powder and ball, and shall take the said gun or pistols with him to the pew or seat where such person shall sit, remain, or be, within or about the said church or place of worship, under the penalty of ten shillings for every neglect of the same, to be recovered by warrant of distress and sale of the offender’s goods, under the hand and seal of any justice of the peace for the parish where such offense is committed, one half to be paid into the hands of the church wardens, or where there is no church wardens to any justice, for the use of the poor of the said parish, and the other half to him or them that shall give information thereof.