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Act Incorporating the City of Cincinnati, and the Ordinances of Said City Now in Force Page 44, Image 44 (1828) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.




[Ordinances of the City of Cincinnati,] An Ordinance to Prohibit Shooting within the Bounds of the Corporation. Be it and it is hereby ordained by the Town Council of the town of Cincinnati, That each and every person who shall shoot , or fire off, any rifle, musket, fowling piece, pistol, or any other fire arms, or discharge squibs, crackers, or any other fire works within the bounds of the Corporation, he or she shall, on conviction thereof before the Mayor forfeit and pay to the said Mayor for the use of the Corporation, for each and every such offence, a sum not less than Two Dollars, nor more than Ten Dollars, to be collected in the same manner that other fines are collected. Provided always, That nothing contained in this Ordinance shall be so construed as to operate on persons who may discharge fire arms while performing military exercises, salutes at the arrival and departure of vessels on the river, necessary discharges of loaded arms or ordinance, squibs, crackers, or other fire works, in the proper situations, in commemoration of extraordinary events.