Act of Charter of the Town of Henderson, ch. 79, § 25, 1869 N.C. Pvt. Laws 96, 101-102.

  • Year:
  • 1869

    "SEC. 25. That the Commissioners may require the abatement and removal of all nuisances within the corporate limits, at the expense of the person or persons causing the same, or the owner or tenant of the ground wherever the same shall be. They may establish and regulate slaughter houses, or the exercise of any unwholesome trade, within the same limits. They shall have power to prevent the running at large, within the same limits, dogs, horses, cows, and all other brutes. They may prevent by penalties the firing of guns, pistols, crackers, gunpowder or other explosive materials in the streets or corporate limits. They may, within the same limits, prevent, in like manner, the riding or driving of horses or other beasts at a greater speed than seven miles an hour. They may establish and regulate markets within the corporate limits, prescribe at what time and place marketable articles may be sold, in what manner the same shall be sold, whether by weight, measure or otherwise, erect scales, appoint a weigh master, establish his fees, and shall also have the power to prevent, by penalties, forestalling and regrating."

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Private Laws of the State of North Carolina, Passed by the General Assembly at Its Session 1868-‘69 (Raleigh, NC: M. S. Littlefield, 1869), 101-102. Chapter 79—Charter of the Town of Henderson, § 25. Ratified April 1, 1869.