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Act of Feb. 16, 1787, ch. VI, 1787 Mass. Acts 555. 

Chapt. IV. An Act, describing the disqualifications to which persons shall be subjected, who have been, or may be guilty of treason, or giving aid or support to the present rebellion, and whom a pardon may be extended. Where the General Court, at their present sessions, have “resolved that the Governour be authorized and empowered in the name of the general court, to promise a pardon, under such disqualifications as should thereafter be provided, to such private soldiers and others, who might have acted in the capacity of non-commissioned officers, as had been, or were in arms against the Commonwealth, with such exceptions as he, or the general officer, commanding the troops, might judge necessary: provided they should deliver their arms and take and subscribe the oath of allegiance to this Commonwealth, within such time as might be limited by his Excellency, for that purpose:” And whereas it is fit and expedient, that the conditions and disqualifications upon which the pardon and indemnity to the offenders aforesaid, should be offered and given, should as soon as possible be established and made known: Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court assembled, and by the authority of the same, That no pardon or indemnity, shall be promised as aforesaid by the Governour, by virtue of any act or resolve of the General Court, that has been or shall be passed, to any person or persons, who have acted in the capacity of non-commissioned officers, or privates, or persons of any other description, who, since the first day of August, seventeen hundred and eighty-six, have been, now are, or hereafter may be in arms against the authority and Government of this Commonwealth, or who have given or may hereafter give them counsel, aid, comfort or support, voluntarily, with intent to encourage the opposition to the government, unless they shall on or before such time as the Governour shall limit for that purpose, deliver their arms to, and take and subscribe the oath of allegiance, before some Justice of the Peace, within some county of this Commonwealth; and no pardon or indemnity shall be offered or given by the Governour to any offenders aforesaid, who are not citizens of this state. And be it further enacted by the authority aforesaid, That to whomsoever of the offenders aforesaid, the Governour shall think fit, by virtue of any act or resolve of the General Court, to promise a pardon and indemnity, for the offences aforesaid, it shall be under the following restrictions, conditions and disqualifications, that is to say, That they shall keep the peace for the terms of three years, from the time of passing this act, and that during that term of time, they shall not serve as jurors, be eligible to any town office, or any other office under the Government of this Commonwealth . . .