Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Village of Bradford. 1890 Page 12-13, Image 13-14 (1891) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1891

Ordinances of the Village of Bradford, § 11. The Trustees may grant licenses, for one year or less, to keep gun powder or gun cotton or other explosives for sale, if in their opinion the public safety is not endangered thereby. Said gun powder or gun cotton or other explosive shall be kept in close tin canisters which shall only be opened in the day time. § 12. The license shall specify the quantity allowed and the place where such gun powder or gun cotton and other explosives shall be kept, and on every building in which such gunpowder or gun cotton or other explosives is kept for sale shall be placed in a conspicuous position a sign with the words, “Licensed to sell Powder,” printed or painted thereon. § 13. The Trustees may also grant licenses to store gun powder and other explosives in larger quantities in places used for no other purpose which they consider at a safe distance from other buildings. § 14. The Trustees may at any time inspect the premises where gun powder, gun cotton and other explosives are kept, in order to satisfy themselves that the regulations are complied with. § 15. Any person who shall without license keep in any building in the Village any nitro-glycerine, or more than half a pound of gun powder or two ounces of gun cotton, which shall be only for his own use, shall be fined five dollars for every day so offending. § 16. All licenses granted by the Trustees by virtue of these by-laws shall be signed by a majority of the Trustees and recorded in the office of the Clerk of the Corporation at the expense of the person licensed and shall not become valid until so recorded. § 17. The Trustees are authorized to revoke any license mentioned in these by-laws, whether granted by themselves or their predecessors in office, whenever in their opinion the public good requires it. Such revocation shall be recorded in the Clerk’s office, and shall become operative whenever the Trustees shall deliver a written notice thereof to the person whose license is revoked.