Act of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Village of Northfield Page 19-20, Image 19-20 (1894) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1894

Regulations for Handling Explosives, Artcle XV., § 1. No person shall at any time keep within the limits of said Village, any powder, or guncotton, without a written license, signed by a majority of the trustees, who shall have discretionary power to grant the same for retailing purposes ; not, however, exceeding twenty pounds shall be kept in any one building at a time, and that to be kept in close metal cans, or flasks, which are not to be opened except in the day time, Said license specify the building, or place where said powder or guncotton shall or may be kept, the quantity such person may keep, and shall be conditional that any Trustee may at any time make inspection of the quantity of powder or gun-cotton kept, and the manner of keeping the same; said license to be in force until revoked by a majority of the Trustees. And it shall be the duty of the person or persons so licensed to procure said license to be recorded in the records of said Village, and to put up, in some conspicuous place on every building within the limits of the Village in which he has powder or guncotton stored, a sign with the words “LICENSED TO SELL GUNPOWDER.” Provided, that a majority of the Trustees may grant license for storing or keeping larger quantities, and that any person may keep not over two pounds which shall be kept in a metallic flask or a powder horn. Article XVI. PENALTY FOR VIOLATION OF ABOVE ARTICLE. § 1. If any person shall keep, without a license therefore, or as provided in the XVth article, any powder, or gun cotton, or either of said articles, or shall keep either of said articles in any buildings or places except those mentioned in his license, he shall forfeit and pay to the treasurer of said Village Five dollars for each day said powder or guncotton shall be suffered to remain within the limits of said village.