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Act of Jan. 5, 1847, Ch. 75, § 3, 1846 Fla. Laws 20.





Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, That hereafter it shall not be lawful for any person in this State to carry arms of any kind whatsoever secretly, on or about their person, and if any dirk, pistol or other arm or weapon, except a common pocket knife shall be seen or known to be secreted upon the person of any one in this State, such person so offending, shall on conviction, be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars and not less than five dollars, or imprisoned not exceeding six months and not less than ten days, at the discretion of the court: Provided, however, That this law shall not be so construed as to prevent any person from carrying arms openly, outside of all their clothes; and it shall be the duty of the Judges of the Circuit courts in this State to give the matter contained in this act in special charge to the Grand Juries in the several counties in this State, at every session of the Courts.