Act of Mar. 27, 1929, ch. 153, § 62, Nev. Stat. 201, 219-20.

  • Year:
  • 1929

        "SEC. 62. License to Drill or Parade with Arms. It shall not be lawful for any body of men whatever, other than the Nevada state police, the regular organized national guard of this state, and the troops of the United States, to associate themselves together as a military company or organization, to drill or parade with arms in any city or town of this state, without the license of the governor thereof, which license may at any time be revoked; and provided further, that students in educational institutions where military science is a part of the course of instruction may, with the consent of the governor, drill and parade with arms in public under the superintendence of their instructor; provided, that nothing herein contained shall be construed so as to prevent benevolent or social organizations from wearing swords. And any person or persons violating any of the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to arrest and punishment therefor."

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Statutes of the State of Nevada Passed at the Special Session of the Legislature 1928: Begun Monday, the Sixteenth Day of January, and Ended Saturday, the Fourth Day of February (Carson City, NV: State Printing Office, 1928), 219-220. [Assembly Bill No. 136] Chapter 153—An Act Relating to the National Guard and the Enrolled Militia; to Provide for the Custody and Care of the State Armory Building and Grounds; to Prevent the Desecration of the Flag of the United States and the Flag of This State; Providing Penalties for the Violation of the Provisions Hereof; Repealing Certain Acts in Conflict Herewith, and Other Matters Relating Thereto, § 62. Approved March 27, 1929.