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Alexander Edwards, Ordinances of the City Council of Charleston, in the State of South-Carolina, Passed since the Incorporation of the City, Collected and Revised Pursuant to a Resolution of the Council Page 289, Image 299 (1802) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.





[Ordinances of the City of Charleston, An Ordinance for Appointing Commissioners of the Streets, Defining their Powers, and for other Purposes therein Mentioned, § 8. And be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, That no person or persons, shall fire any squibs, crackers, or other fireworks, except at times of public rejoicing, and at such places as the intendant for the time being may permit, by license under his hand; nor burn any chips, shavings, or other combustible matters, in any of the streets, lanes, wharves, alleys, or open or enclosed lots of the city, nor fire any gun, pistol, or fire arms, within the limits of the city, except on occasion of some military parade, and then by the order of some officer having the command, under the penalty of ten dollars, for every such offense; nor shall any person or persons, raise or fly any paper or other kite, within the said city, under the said penalty of ten dollars.]