An Act to Incorporate the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Charlotte, ch. 7 § 30, 1866 N.C. Pvt. Laws 53, 69-70 (WM. E. Pell).

  • Year:
  • 1866

"SEC. 30. Be it further enacted, That the said board of aldermen shall have power to make from time to time, ordinances, rules and regulations concerning the firing of fire-arms, and all explosions in said city, the pace and speed at which horses may be driven or rode through the streets, the arrangements of stove-pipes in buildings, the mode in which fire shall be kept, or carried through the city, the manner in which powder and other explosive and inflammable substances may be kept and sold, the manner in which dogs and hogs may be kept, and to prevent them from running at large in said city; to cause all alleys, lots, cellars, privies, stables, styes, and other places of like character, to be examined by the city constable, or other person by them appointed, at any and all times, from the first day of June, to the first day of November, in each and every year, and upon his written report that any of the above is a nuisance, it shall be their duty to cause by their order, the city constable to have said place or places cleansed, and the nuisance abated; and the said city constable shall have authority to enter the premises described to be in said order, and inspect and have the same cleansed, and the said board shall recover the expenses of abating said nuisance, from the occupier or owner of said premises, by action of debt in any court having competent jurisdiction; said board shall have further power and it shall be their duty to prohibit all trades or occupations, which are a nuisance from being carried on in said city; they shall have power, and it shall be their duty to cause all ponds, sunken lots, and other places in which water stands and stagnates, to be drained and filled up, and to recover from the owner or occupier the expenses us above, which expenses shall be a lien on the lot: Provided, the owner or occupier of said lots, after twenty days notice, shall have neglected or refused to abate said nuisance, they shall have further power to cause all nuisances arising from any cause, within or without the limits of said city, but sufficiently near to effect the health of the inhabitants thereof to be removed or abated, and for the removing or abating any such nuisance without the said city, to be paid out of any monies in the treasury.”

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Private Laws of the State of North Carolina, Passed by the General Assembly at the Session of 1866 (Raleigh, NC: WM. E. Pell, 1866), 69-70. Chapter 7—An Act to Incorporate the Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the City of Charlotte, § 30. Ratified March 10, 1866.