An Act to prevent Indians from roaming at large throught the Territory, in Compilation of the Public Acts of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida, Passed Prior to 1840, at 46 (John P. Duval ed., 1839)

Sec. 1. Be it enacted . . . If any male Indian, of the years of discretion, venture to roam or ramble beyond the boundary lines of the reservations which have been assigned to the tribe or nation to which said Indian belongs, it shall and may be lawful for any person or persons to apprehend, seize, and take said Indian, and carry him before some justice of the peace, who is hereby authorized, impowered, and required, to direct . . . not exceeding thirty-nine stripes . . . moreover, to cause the gun of said Indian (if he has one) to be taken from him, and deposited with the colonel of the county, or captain of the district, in which said Indian may be taken, subject to the order of the super-intendent of Indian affairs. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That no general license to roam, or remain out of said limits, for the purpose of hunting, shall be received by said justice as an excuse of any Indian, when found without his assigned limits.