BARRE, VERMONT, CHARTER AND ORDINANCES OF THE CITY, ch. 14, § 18 at 48, 53 (1904 Vermont Watchman Co.) (Passed 1895).

  • Year:
  • 1895

Of injurious practices in streets and in public places.

Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Barre as follows:...

    ...Sec. 18. No person, except on his own premises, or by the consent and permission of the owner or occupant of the premises, and except in the performance of some duty required by law, shall discharge any gun, pistol, or other fire arm loaded with ball or shot, or with powder only, or firecrackers, serpent, or other preparation whereof gunpowder or other explosive substance is an ingredient, or which consists wholly of the same, nor shall make any bonfire in or upon any street, lane, common or public place within the city, except by authority of the city council."

Full Text: 1895, VT, Charter and Ordinances of the City of Barre, Vermont, ch. 14, § 18

Charter and Ordinances of the City of Barre, Vermont: Also the Rules and Order of Business of the City Council and Board of Aldermen, Water Rates, Act Incorporating the Spaulding Graded School District, and City Map (Montpelier, VT: Vermont Watchman Co., 1904), 53.1 Ordinances of the City, Chapter 14—Of Injurious Practices in Streets and in Public Places, § 18. Passed 1895.2

1. The page number "53" refers to the page numbered 53 in the second second section of the book. The pagination begins anew at page 87 of the monograph as a whole to separate the original city ordinances from the new ordinances contained in the first section.

2. The date of the law's passage is drawn from the introduction of this monograph (excerpt included in the attached PDF) and from the publication of a law from the same section of this book (viz., ch. 38, § 7; see "BARRE, VERMONT, CHARTER AND ORDINANCES OF THE CITY, ch. 38, § 7 at 116, 117" for that law's entry in the repository) in a supplement to the Jun. 15, 1895 edition of the Granite City Leader; however, we were unable to include a copy of that newspaper because of copyright and terms-of-use restrictions.