By-Laws and Ordinances of the City of Pittsburgh, and the Acts of Assembly Relating Thereto; with Notes and References to Judicial Decisions Thereon, and an Appendix, Relating to Several Subjects Connected with the Laws and Police of the City Corporation Page 28-29, Image 30-31 (1828) available at The Making of Modern Law: Primary Sources.

  • Year:
  • 1774

Ordinances of the City of Pittsburgh, An Act to Suppress the Disorderly Practice of Firing Guns, etc on the times therein mentioned, § 1. That if after the publication of this act, any person or persons shall, on any thirty-first day of December, or first or second day of January, in every year, wantonly, and without reasonable occasion, discharge and fire off any hand-gun, pistol or other fire-arms, or shall cast, throw or fire any squibs, rockets or other fire-works, within the inhabited parts of this province, to the disturbance of any of his majesty’s subjects there inhabiting and being, every such person so offending, and being thereof convicted before any one Justice of the Peace of the county, or Mayor or other head officer, a Justice of Peace of any city or town corporate where such offence shall be committed, either by confession of the party so offending, or the oath or affirmation of one or more credible witnesses (which oath or affirmation the said justice or other officer aforesaid is hereby empowered and required to administer) shall for every such offence forfeit for the use of the poor of the township or district where such offender lives, the sum of ten shillings, to be levied by distress and sale of the offenders goods and chattels, by warrant, under the hand and seal of the Justice or other officer before whom such offenders shall be convicted, returning the overplus, if any, to the owner, the reasonable charge of distraining being first deducted; and for want of such distress, such offender shall be committed to prison for the space of five days, without bail or mainprize. § 2. That if any person or persons after the publication of this act, shall willingly permit or suffer, within the time aforesaid, any person or persons to discharge or fire off, at his or her house, any hand-gun, pistol, or other fire-arms, or to cast, throw or fire any squibs, rockets or other fire-works, as aforesaid, every person so as aforesaid offending, and being thereof convicted in manner aforesaid, shall for every such offense forfeit and pay, for the use aforesaid, the sum of twenty shillings, to be recovered in manner aforesaid.